Text 19 Nov 2 notes Raging Waves

I think we, as humans are like the sea.. one day we’d be all calm, and we can easily turn angry, sad, depressed, upset, and you can probably add multiple states… sometimes the tide gets so strong it knocks off objects.. only huge rocks can take this anger, this rage and subdue it…

Those rocks are vital to us humans, they come in flesh, friends, family, and sometimes even strangers. They can absorb all of this negative energy and turn you back to your normal state.. we yearn for those people.. they stabilize our emotional turmoil..

we wear masks, that shelter our real expressions, we wear vests, for they both protect us from unexpected injuries.. we wear the masks n vests to hide the scars, pride wont let us share such weaknesses such imperfections such insecurities..

we long for that person who can be entrusted with our safety, who will take off the mask and look you in the eye despite the scars, disregarding the flaws, look you in the eye and tell you not to be afraid, to let it all out fearlessly.. Take off your vest and tend to your wounds, and be your vest.. to be the huge, unbreakable rock who will break your raging waves.. returning you to that state of calmness and peacefulness..

Text 22 Oct The Perilous Hypocrisy

Who does not hate a hypocrite?

The likeliness of spotting a hypocrite amongst people we know, no exception. Everybody hates hypocrisy with passion, too!

We’re sensitive and allergic to hypocrisy, hypocrites tend to piss us off greatly!

its very easy to spot, people we do not know do it, friends do it, and even family do it, sometimes we ignore and learn to live with hypocrisy when it comes from close people.

But the right question should not be who does not hate a hypocrite, the answer to this question is very easy, EVERYONE!

The real question is, how come we can easily sense it when hypocrisy shows itself in other people, but we justify it when it comes from us?

Close your eyes, block everything out for a moment, deeply think of your ideas, your thought, and you will know couple of things you are conveniently hypocrite about!

Even I, the writer who is easily angered by hypocrites, I can be a hypocrite in a way or another!

it is like we are willing to look at people with a magnifying glass, the most thorough microscope, but we are not willing to look in the mirror and magnify the image to notice our own mistakes, we conveniently ignore them, look the other way, our vanity permits our ignorance.

Quote 16 Oct 2 notes
you can love me, or you can leave me
before you judge me, just let me be me
and you can love me or either leave me
before you judge me, see life aint easy
Text 13 Oct The Fight Within Part 1

I once went to a friend, a mentor, I told him how sometimes I act very weirdly, I’d do things that contradict each other, sometimes I want this, sometimes I want that! I’d be against something one day and then be with it one day!

It was a fight within myself, a fight between right and wrong, a battle between fun and seriousness, like in cartoon when a character has two tiny beings, one is the devil n one is the angel both trying to persuade him/her into doing what they thing should be done.

This fight has no winner and no loser, for its constant, one might win tomorrow, and might lose the next day.

its a battle of voices within, a pulling the ropes contest that’s being played over and over again deep inside oneself. It disturbs the inner peace, a going on roller coaster ride that almost never stops…

Stay tuned for part 2…

P.s I never reread my stuff.. I want it to be raw and unedited.. focus on the big picture instead of the details…

Text 3 Oct 1 note The Hope of Invinsibility

Can we, as humans, reach the level of emotional invisibility? a total emotional immunity?

When a virus spreads, like the flu, or any other type of dangerous virus, we can take a shot to avoid getting sick. Those shots consists of dead or weak viruses for our bodies to get used to them, thus, protecting us from getting the virus.

That fixes a physical a problem, how come we don’t get shots against possible emotional disappointments?

Well, for emotional hurt n disappointments, the vaccination works in a different way. We put ourselves out there, shield-less, vulnerable, no walls, no safety net, no vest, eagerly welcoming pain with wide open arms without realizing it.

We do it expecting good things to come to us, putting ourselves in danger of getting harmed in the process, however, those heartbreaks are vital for us, for they might upset us at that moment, they make us stronger, make us more immune to future heartbreaks, just like what a vaccination shot does to our body.

We then realize that we ought not to open our arms wide open nor close them. But, open them wisely for happy things, and be cautious to what might hurt us and try to avoid it.

Reaching a complete invisibility might not be feasible, for then we might lose on opportunities to be happy if we turned completely cold, but walking towards such state would minimize our chances of getting hurt over and over again, and be happy at the same time.


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